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Ontario’s municipal elections often suffer from low levels of participation, low turnover and poor representation of women, visible minorities and tenants. While cities and towns across North America are using innovative methods to make their local elections more participatory, diverse and fair, our cities and towns in Ontario are severely restricted by the Municipal Elections Act.

We propose that municipalities be given more choice, allowing them to customise their local elections based on local needs. Each Ontario municipality is unique and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

We call on the Ontario government to create enabling legislation that gives more choice to Ontario’s municipalities while also laying down parameters to regulate any moves towards reform.

The legislation could provide new regulations for tools such as runoff voting, municipal parties, single transferable vote, pre-election contribution disclosure, weekend voting, neighbourhood borough councils or others.

No municipality should be forced to change its system and we are not advocating for any specific reform. This legislation would simply provide local Councils with options, enabling them to open the door to local democratic renewal and to choose the system that best fits the unique needs of their community.


Check out the growing list of Local Choice supporters from across Ontario!

Bonnie Adams - Reeve, Township of Carlow/Mayo
Gordon Armstrong - Councillor, Town of Rainy River
Larry Armstrong - Councillor, Town of Rainy River
G. Bruce Banbury - Councillor, Township of Blandford-Blenheim
Robert Bawtinhimer - Councillor, Town of Cochrane
Ben Benninger - Councillor, Township of North Dumfries
Rod Blakelock - Councillor, Township of Armour
Howie Bowes - Councillor, Town of Bruce Mines
Leigh Bursey - Councillor, City of Brockville
Shelley Carroll - Councillor, City of Toronto
David Chernushenko - Councillor, City of Ottawa
Marty Corcoran - Councillor, Township of Armour
Robert Crate - Councillor, Municipality of Trent Hills
Marilyn Crawford - Councillor, Town of Ajax
Judy Crawford - Councillor, Town of Goderich
Ian Crichton - Councillor, Township of Severn
Joseph Drumm - Councillor, Regional Municipality of Durham
David Foote - Councillor, United Townships of Head, Clara & Maria
Rob Foster - Councillor, Town of Lincoln
Tony Fritsch - Councillor, Township of Addington Highlands
Jim Gibson - Councillor, United Townships of Head, Clara & Maria
Jeff Girling - Councillor, Separated Town of Gananoque
Daniel Glenn-Graham - Councillor, City of Kitchener
Jim Graff - Councillor, Town of Perth
Don Hamilton - Councillor, Town of Markham
Helen Havlik - Councillor, Town of Petrolia
Jennifer Johnson - Councillor, Township of Alberton
Doug Kellum - Councillor, Municipality of North Perth
Andy Knetsch - Councillor, Township of Mapleton
Clive Lawry - Councillor, Township of East Zorra-Tavistock
Chin Lee - Councillor, City of Toronto
Elaine MacDonald - Councillor, City of Cornwall
Don McGugan - Mayor, Municipality of Brooke-Alvinston
Don McKay - Mayor, Township of East Zorra-Tavistock
Mary-Margaret McMahon - Councillor    City of Toronto
Marianne Meed Ward - Councillor, City of Burlington
David Mollison - Councillor, Municipality of West Grey
Dave Monk - Councillor, Town of Lakeshore
Frank Monteiro - Councillor, City of Cambridge
Michael Muscat - Councillor, Township of Tarbutt & Tarbutt Additional
Brent Preston - Councillor, Township of Clearview
Andre Rheaume - Councillor, Town of Hearst
Dianne Rintjema - Councillor, Town of Lincoln
Mike Ross - Councillor, Town of Midland
Debbie Schaefer - Councillor, Township of King
Brian Stephenson - Councillor, Town of Tillsonburg
Sandy White - Councillor, City of London
Bruce Wood - Councillor, City of Oshawa
Dan Yake - Councillor, Township of Wellington North


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Councillor Lee Bursey
We are seeking City Councillors and Mayors from across Ontario to endorse our statement. Endorsing the statement does not mean that you endorse any of the options for reform (terms limits, parties, runoffs, etc.). It simply means that you support your Council's right to customise your local elections to meet the needs of your own voters.

To add your endorsement, or to submit comments or questions, please send a message to our Project Coordinator, Charles Tilden, at charles@localchoice.ca

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